17 full moon quotes that were made for a lunar Instagram caption

This Saturday, March 31st, we’ll see the second full moon in March rise in the night sky. Because it’s the second full moon in March, this upcoming full moon is also a blue moon. Blue moons only occur every two to three years, so if you miss this one, you’ll have to wait until 2020 to see another blue moon take to the sky. To celebrate this cosmic event, we’ve compiled a list of full moon quotes that will help put your wonder into your Instagram caption.

It’s actually only been a couple of months since we saw the last blue moon at the end of January (it was also a super blue moon). It’s incredibly rare to have two blue moons happen in the same year. In fact, we won’t see this happen again until 2037, according to EarthSky.com.

March’s blue moon also goes by the name “Sap Moon” because it’s at this time of year when sap begins to weep from maple trees and is harvested to make maple syrup.

If you’re planning on celebrating the rise of the blue moon on Saturday night, share your festivities on Instagram using one of the full moon quotes below. Have a marvelous, moon-tastic time!

1You can count on it.

2It’s your own fault. You know how I get.

3You either are, or you aren’t.

4It’s the simple things that matter.

5In Frank Sinatra’s voice:

6Because everyone is acting absolutely insane.

7Have fun without me.

8Can someone turn out the lights, please?

9With a Blue Moon beer during a Blue Moon.

10Doo, doo, doo, doo.

11I’m innocent! I swear!

12Are you trying to light the whole neighborhood, or…?

13So this is love.

14Did we mention there’s free admission to this show?

15This one goes out to all the police officers, doctors, nurses, and paramedics:

16Tonight, we fly!

17We’ve all lived to see another day.

Enjoy the blue moon, lunar babies. We’ll meet you back here in 2020 to celebrate the next one.

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