These Moon Phase Rituals Will Help Change Old Habits

An astrologer gives the lowdown on how you can harness the moon's power right now.

While scientists still scratch their heads about how exactly the moon influences us earthlings on a deep level, it has been proven that the moon’s gravitational pull and push is part of the reason why we have tides in the ocean. And since humans are made of an average of 60% water, it could possibly mean that we can feel the effects of the moon within us. Plus, if we define magic as the connection between us and nature, then the hypothesis of humans being energetically in tune with the rhythms of the moon could make sense.

In magic, the moon is the most important component of a witch’s toolbox. We look to it for energy, power, and intuition. It also brings us vitality and oneness with the harmonies of the universe.  

Astrologer Narayana Montúfar says it best by stating, “The power of the moon can be harnessed at any given time…When harnessing it, it’s vital to take into account its [lunar] phase.” Montúfar continues by saying, “Lunar magic is important for many different reasons. Since the moon rules our most basic needs—like nurturing, sleeping patterns, fertility, and subconscious mind—when these are out of sync, only lunar magic can help us get back in touch with our inner child as a way to balance our feminine energy.”  

If this piques your interest, read below for how you can practice certain moon rituals and spells during the moon cycle to help get rid of old habits.

The new moon  

The new moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle. Therefore, it’s important to use the potent lunar energy as a time to get projects off the ground or to revive former matters. It is also a wonderful time to manifest things that you want to bring into your life. This is when you can partake in manifestation, which can be achieved by writing down your intention clearly and concisely on a piece of paper. It’s essential to be honest with your desired end result in order to bring your dreams to fruition.  

The waxing crescent/first quarter moon  

The next lunar phase after the new moon is the waxing crescent moon. During this time, it’s necessary to keep your new moon intentions in play by checking in on them daily. Affirmations, meditations, and magic journaling (which is keeping a tab on all the progress you’ve made and what you have noticed happening) are key during this time to ensure your visions of love and money—which are the suggested magic for this lunar phase—maintain their power.  

The waxing quarter moon  

This is a time of action. You will see what challenges and obstacles are standing in the way of achieving your personal goals. You’ll also find out if certain things you’ve manifested are or are not coming to fruition. It just depends if you’re seeing results from your manifestation or not. Therefore, you can add or change elements of your intentions and desires during this lunar phase for better luck and love.  

One of the ways you can add or change elements is by being really specific about what you want. For instance, you can’t just decide you want love; you have to be particular as to what type of love you want and what type you don’t. Further, if something isn’t working, then it means that the energy is being stubborn because the spirits need an offering. They won’t do the work for free just because you want them to. Sometimes it can backfire, which could mean that your intentions weren’t true or sincere. 

The waxing gibbous moon  

This is the luminary that leads into the full moon, which means you will start seeing the truth in all situations and relationships. It’s generally a good time to pause and reflect. It’s definitely not advised to start any new projects or to do magic. Restorative activities are what your body, mind, and heart need during this lunar phase. This includes doing things for self-confidence, like saying affirmations, focusing on healing, or doing meditations. 

The full moon  

Full moons are a time of releasing and letting go. During this lunar phase, it’s a good time to take stock of an old habit that you want to change. It’s advisable to not do magic during this moon phase because it’s a time of honoring the moon and its glory. A ritual bath with moon water (water that’s been left under the moon, usually the night before the new or full moon to absorb its energy) and lunar-charged crystals (these are placed under the moon to absorb its energy) are advised to bring you closer to your primal emotions.  

The waning gibbous moon  

Now that you’ve reflected and meditated on your life and circumstances during the full moon, it’s ideal to start thinking about what you need to expel from your life. Banishing spells, protection spells, cleansing rituals, and spiritual detoxes are key to do during this phase. For instance, you can use sage or palo santo to cleanse your personal space; just the edges and corners of your rooms will do.

The waning quarter/last quarter moon 

This is a time for releasing the old and bringing in the new. The rituals you do depend on what you want to let go of and add into your life. Usually during the first quarter moon you want to launch new projects. During the last quarter moon, you want to let go of relationships, situations, and bad habits. 

If you are looking for retribution or justice, this lunar phase will help you find peace in knowing that the spirits are working with you to bring truth to all matters. It’s a time of clarity and peace resulting from innate worldly knowledge being shown to you by the moon’s waning glow. 

The waning crescent/balsamic moon

As this is the final lunar phase of the moon cycle, it’s a time to purify the mind and spirit. The balsamic moon is a time to rest and be mindful of what you want to accomplish. Spells that are helpful for your own personal development will prove to be powerful, as well as doing magic that can align you with your truest paths. This can include finding a new love ritual or calling in for a new partner through affirmations. Using your divine wisdom will help you gravitate towards your dreams.   


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