What this weekend’s full moon means if you’re in a relationship

Tomorrow, we welcome the full Beaver Moon back into our sky. And while scientists claim the full moon has little effect on our emotional state, many beg to differ. These individuals argue that the  heightened gravitational pull can do a number on our emotions and our relationships. Will tomorrow’s full moon affect your current romantic affairs? Perhaps — but don’t fret. You can prepare.

According to spiritual coach and empath expert Alex Myles, the full moon may cause underlying issues within your relationship to float to the surface. She says this is because people often feel frazzled and overemotional in the days leading up to and the days after the full moon.

The slightest comment from your partner can really ruffle your feathers. All of a sudden, you’re having flashbacks to the time where your significant other forgot about your six-month anniversary. And from there?

All hell can easily break loose.

Stay alert and extra aware of your heightened emotions during this time, but don’t let your feelings drag you and your partner down. Instead, use them to direct you to your true desires. In magical practices, full moons harken in a period of cleansing and new beginnings. Use this time to figure out your next best move within your relationship, and one that would lead you to a happier state of being.

This might mean that you should open up a discussion that has been put on the back burner for too long. Talk about it with walls down and true vulnerability.

This doesn’t have to be a negative thing: If you and your partner are working well together and existing in a blissful state, use the full moon to open up about how you positively feel for one another. Being overemotional can be great because it allows you to express your warm feelings, too.

As cheesy at is sounds, let your heart guide you through the full moon phase. Listen to your intuition and approach your relationship in a way that will lead to happiness and clarity, and in a way that will give both you and your partner positive results.

You may want to snap and fight, but remember, we don’t turn into werewolves during the full moon, even though it sometimes feels like we do. Be aware of the moon’s effects and use them to your relationship’s advantage.

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