A Full Moon Eclipse Is Happening—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Your communication skills will be up a notch, thanks to Gemini.

The first eclipse of the season occurs on November 30th in Gemini. This November 2020 full moon will allow you to communicate your emotions and needs. You will be able to openly discuss matters with those you are close to and use your intellectualism to navigate through situations and relationships.

Below is your full beaver moon horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign horoscope, too.


You’ve been a busy little ram, haven’t you? Now it’s time for you to take a few steps back from working super hard and chill. Don’t over-schedule yourself; just relax. This will help you decompress over the next few days, which is the kind of TLC that you need now.


Getting your finances in order will allow you to figure out the next steps of your life. Once you are able to take control of your assets, you can decide if you want to move, make investments, treat yourself to a lovely holiday gift, or indulge loved ones with presents.


It’s about time you stop worrying about everyone else and start focusing your energies on yourself. Putting your needs and desires first will be a change for your kind ways. However, it is essential that you do so to take back your emotional power and to boost your self-confidence.


Situations and relationships have become peculiar, heightening your suspicions. Therefore, it’s important for you to lean into your intuition, Cancer. Learning to trust your instincts will help you navigate through these times; you will be able to feel your way through your emotions and relationships by following your gut feelings.


Issues with friends will come to a head during this full moon. Before you engage with the drama, check yourself. You may have played a heavy hand in creating this situation in the past. Take ownership and accountability for your part in the situation before it escalates to the next level.


A new and exciting opportunity is coming your way. The question isn’t “do you deserve it?” but “are you ready?” The truth is that it may be hard to prioritize work at the moment, as the focus of your energy will be centered on your personal world and family life.


Your mind is agile at the moment, which means that you are open to learning fresh philosophies and processing a lot of information. Don’t get too fanatical in your new views. Remember, it’s important for you to keep things in balance so you don’t lose your footing and become off-center.


It’s time for you to get real about your credit card debt and student loans. If you talk to a financial advisor, they’ll be able to help you reassess and revise the terms of your payment plan. You may get a lower rate that’s better than the one you have.


Letting go of relationship fears is hard. However, you will have to try to release your phobias and issues in a healthy way in order to sustain your current partnership or crush. Being open with yourself about your sentiments is important to help you evolve, grow, and release your issues.


Give some love to the people in your life who need it. Not only will brightening up their day make them feel better, but it will also help you to see the power of helping others. A simple act of kindness can and will go a long way during this lunar eclipse.


There are issues brewing in your love life, as you’ve jumped into a new situationship and now are having mixed feelings about it. Take some time and think over your next moves. This will allow you to see if you want to work on things with your partner or move on.


Home is where your heart is, and nothing can deter you from spending the next week wrapped up in a cozy blanket in bed watching movies on Netflix. You’re learning that it’s totally fine (and super necessary these days) to take a few chill moments out of life to decompress.

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