The Buck Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Is Forcing You to Let Go of Outdated Goals

The good news is that July 4th PST and July 5th EST brings the last eclipse of the season. The bad news is that it serves as the closing energy to the visions and dreams you started in January 2019. This lunar eclipse is a very potent full moon in Capricorn that will bring truths to light—even if you’re not ready to hear or see them. Prepare to let go of outdated versions of your relationship goals and professional aspirations. Life is bringing us a whole new set of dreams.  


You have a tough exterior, but lately you’ve been feeling a little less than rambunctious and feisty in your own world. The answer to your issues is clear: Stop being so hard on yourself. No one is perfect. Understanding your limitations will only allow you to nurture them into greatness.   


You’re coming to terms with the fact that every action has a reaction and every setback comes with an upswing. Karma is real. Yes, what goes around comes around. This time, the pendulum is swinging in your favor. Use the amazing opportunities that are coming your way to your advantage.  


It’s time for you to be honest with yourself about what you want and need from your crush. If they are unable to give more or are backtracking on their proposal for your relationship, then it’s time to permanently cancel them. Only then can you attract the partner of your dreams.  


Zendaya sang the words: “Giving it all for love.” Never have those words resonated more with you, as you are trying to make all of your relationships work without being extra messy. Love is your number-one priority, and you are now willing to “do it all for love.” 


Professional projects are now coming to a close and evolving into different opportunities. When one door closes, another opens. Keep that sentiment in mind before you get upset over the way things have turned out. Good things are coming—if you are open to them. Go with the flow, Leo! 


An old crush has come back your way, which is making you seemingly happy. The only caveat is that they haven’t changed at all. This time, you have the power to cut out the drama and the situationship before it brings you down again. Move towards finding your own happiness.   


For the first time in a long time, you’re spreading your wings and embracing all of the amazing things that life has to offer you. The road towards personal fulfillment will be hard, but you’re finally taking the first steps towards evolving and transforming. Good for you! 


The truth isn’t easy, especially when you’ve been gaslighted for weeks. However, if there is anyone who can deal with knowing the facts of all matters, it’s you, Scorpio. Just be careful with what you do and how you move forward with the information now that you know it.  


The lesson that you’ll come to see during this eclipse is that relationships require compromise. Learning how to work through situations and problems won’t be easy, but together you can both make it happen. Being a team player with your boo will only serve to strengthen your relationship.  


Your friendships have been feeling a little off lately. Now is the time to discuss issues you’ve had with your crew to avoid resentments from building up within yourself. You may find that you’re able to make up swiftly after having an open and honest heart-to-heart with them.  


It’s totally okay to spend the holiday weekend alone. Don’t feel bad or guilty for not heading out to enjoy the fireworks with social distancing. Taking time to reconnect with yourself will allow you to decompress—which is what you totally need to do right now.   


Reconnecting with your old passions will enable you to achieve your innermost, deepest personal dreams. Don’t be shy in telling the world about the visions and desires you’ve held within yourself for years. Speaking up will serve to help your secret goals become a reality. 

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