The Full Moon in Libra Is Happening—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Old relationships wounds can heal during this time.

The Worm full moon in Libra occurs on March 28th. This luminary aspects Venus, Saturn, and the centaur Chiron. Healing in relationships is possible at this time—most importantly, the one that you have with yourself. Be gentle while moving forward. Take the process seriously and slowly to ensure that it sticks and works. 

Below is your Libra full moon horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Relationships can be hard for anyone, especially when both parties aren’t willing to budge on matters. The cosmic lesson from this full moon is to be more flexible and mend issues when they come up. Finding a balance that works for you both is essential at the moment.


Professional connections can support you at this time. You might feel more inclined to focus on what is going on behind the scenes, which can backfire and sabotage your career. Deal with matters head-on and be direct with colleagues to ensure you attain success and all of your goals.


Your desire for romance is strong. In order to attain the passionate relationship that you crave, get creative. Spice things up in your romantic life and partnership. Have fun and be present to explore your relationship. Let your imagination and heart guide you towards reclaiming your prowess, desires, and love.


You are an all-loving spirit that avoids any form of conflict much of the time. This is a great day to step up to the plate and take responsibility for your emotional needs. Then, you can let yourself grow and evolve into the best version of yourself. You got this!


Think about how you communicate with others. Are you actively listening or just doing the talking? This can help you make relationships better and expand your horizons with others. Be clear by saying what you mean. Speak honestly and from the heart. Listen with compassion. Hear what people are saying.


A financial situation is changing for you at the moment and asking you to dig deeper (beyond materialism) for your self-worth. You have a lot to gain, but avoid compromising your values. It’s not in your nature to take on projects that don’t align with your core beliefs or sellout.


Your happiness depends on how you look at all that is going on. You are going through a major phase of maturation that requires careful understanding of your future endeavors. Growth is possible if you’re open to it. Don’t shy or run away from evolving and maintaining a positive outlook.


It’s time for you to connect to your sentiments and intuition. Before making any choices, decisions, or moves, consider the best path to lead toward attaining higher spiritual fulfillment. This will help to lead you down the best path for yourself and allow you to lean into your gut feelings.


Your friends are a source of inspiration and support. However, sometimes you have to clear out frenemies who don’t have your best interests at heart. This full moon will make you want to give more love to your ride or dies and curve those who haven’t proved their loyalty to you.


As a work project comes to an end, your focus is now on your home life. Before rushing to take on a new job or opportunity, give yourself time to relax and revive your energy. You will get an exciting professional jump-start soon. Chill your vibe for the time being.


Seeing the positive side of a situation isn’t hard for you. You’ll be able to assess matters in a more optimistic way at the moment, as your faith in others and yourself is at an all-time high. It’ll allow you to have trust in the universe and the decision-making process.


You have some looming debt or bills that you’ve been wanting to pay off for some time. Before you freak out at the amount that you owe, try to make arrangements to ensure you can pay them off slowly. Odds are that you can reach an amicable agreement right now.