A Full Moon in Cancer Is Happening—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to welcome change.

The last full moon of 2020 will occur on December 29th in the sign of tender Cancer, making this luminary an intense, emotional end to the year. This full moon in Cancer connects with the rebellious planet Uranus, which is pushing you to move into the New Year with high hopes and individuality and an incentive to reach for your dreams. It’s time to welcome change in 2021.

Below is your full moon horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Home is where you are feeling the most comfortable. Spending time connecting with friends and family via FaceTime or IRL will make you feel extra cozy during the full moon. Snuggle up with a good book or a TV show to watch on Netflix with snacks to embrace the vibe.


Your tender heart is yearning to speak your truest emotions at the moment. The caveat is that you are scared to express yourself and let your feelings be known (even though you really want to). Don’t be shy or scared to speak up. Let your sentiments come out right now.


Setting boundaries with others is important right now. Doing this will ensure that you are treated nicely and correctly by those in your circle. Not only that, but it will allow you to take your power back and stand your ground when people try to push their views on you.


Everyone needs a good cry every now and again, and you’re in need of a huge emotional release due to all the stresses in your life. So there really is no time like the present to let it all out. Letting your emotions pour out will make you feel better.


Everyone needs time away from the spotlight—especially you, Leo! Take a few moments throughout the day to collect your thoughts, rest, relax, and regain your energy during this luminary. Connecting with yourself without the extra attention will allow you to understand yourself on a much deeper level.


Your friendships are transforming during this full moon, which isn’t a bad thing. If you want to become closer with your squad, now is the time to step up your relationships and prove how much you care. They will appreciate your support and create a deeper connection with you.


A work project has come to a close, adding pressure to find your next gig. Don’t stress work matters right now. A new professional opportunity is just around the corner. Believe in yourself and it’ll come your way. Have patience and trust that the universe will bring you success.


Taking the high road is hard, especially when you know that you were the one wronged in a situation. It takes an emotionally mature person (such as yourself) to forgive those who’ve hurt them, which is where your heart is now. However, you will not forget how they’ve wronged you.


Your intuition is spot on, making you extra psychic at the moment. The only issue with your sensitivities is that you will want to confront others more than ever because you will know and see their shadiness. Think about the consequences of creating drama now. It’s simply not worth it.


There have been many issues that have come up in the last few weeks in your love life. Now is the time to heal them with the incentive of moving forward. Have a heart-to-heart with your partner to discuss your feelings. Talking out matters will bring you both closer together.


You’re spending a lot of time improving your day-to-day vibe. This may force you to set a schedule (make sure it’s one that you can stick to) that focuses on wellness and self-care. Adding downtime to your life is important, as it will help you relax and unwind.


Right now, you’re focusing more on romance than anything else in your life. Love has the capacity to help you transform at the moment. If you’re single, then you may find yourself reaching out to a former fling or partner to share yuletide sentiments and check in.

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