This week’s full moon will bring a lot of necessary closure—here’s how it’ll affect your zodiac sign

Although Aquarius is not known as a romantic sign, this Full Moon occurs in opposition to a Leo Sun, conjunct with Venus, the planet of love affairs. The Full Moon in Aquarius is supercharged in loving energy and is going to have a strong impact on relationships and creativity. You might also find that there are strong innovations in beauty and artistic sectors. And, overall, that relationships are affected by this energy.

The last Leo New Moon disrupted romantic relationships and offered breakups, breakthroughs, and sudden beginnings and endings. This Full Moon in Aquarius is providing the necessary closure to whatever situation you’ve had going on since July 31st.

Let’s see how the Full Moon in Aquarius affects everyone by sun sign. Don’t forget to check your rising sign, too.


Love, love, love. This Full Moon in Aquarius is triggering new beginnings—or endings—when it comes to your friendships and love affairs. You’re feeling spontaneous and willing to take a leap of faith. Be careful not to gamble your relationships away, though. Keep some restraint.


There’s some movement in your home base, Taurus. You might be thinking about moving out or making significant changes in your home. Now is a good time to reflect on what’s truly nurturing to you and where you want to head in both your career and overall direction in life.


You’re called to focus more on your heart than your head. Trust your intuition and gut feelings in order to make your decisions for the next two weeks, especially so for decisions related to home and career. The more you can step out of your head, the more you’ll find yourself capable of making strong decisions.


You’re due for a shift in perspective. It’s highly possible that you have been stuck in a way of seeing things and doing things that keeps you stagnant. This Full Moon in Aquarius offers you the chance to step out of this energy and see things from a brand-new perspective.


Love is served at the table. This Full Moon in Aquarius puts the accent on relationships and is offering breakthroughs and new beginnings—or possibly endings, if your relationship is not a loving one anymore. If this is the case, focusing on filling your own cup and loving yourself like you deserve to be loved will bring the right relationships into your life.


The focus is on your health and your mental health. You might have found yourself in the midst of a crisis lately, or perhaps you’re simply reflecting on life and your direction. Take a moment to heal and put the focus on your wellness. Sometimes, we need to take a break from life and live at a slower pace—and that’s fine.


Your focus is on friendships. You’re extending yourself and growing your social network, which is a nice change from your endless pursuits of romance. Although interestingly, by focusing on friendships, you might find romance after all. You’re asked to focus on filling your own cup and live an independent life with many friends.


Time to reap the rewards of your labor, Scorpio. Things are moving forward in your career thanks to all the thought, preparation, and dedication you’ve put into it. You might find yourself particularly under the spotlight or receiving advancement in your career. Enjoy!


This Full Moon in Aquarius is particularly good for you, Sagittarius, as the energy resonates very strongly with your natural energy. This is a time of intellectual breakthrough, thanks to your capacity to switch perspectives and look at things from afar. You have a strong capacity to manifest your desires at this time. As long as you put your mind to it, the universe supports you.


Money moves, Capricorn. You might find yourself worried about money, and if you are, listen to this: In order to earn, keep, and grow, you need to let go. For example, if your current job doesn’t allow you to have the income you desire, you need to let go of it. Any earning is always associated with a loss. When you choose an action or a path, you inevitably give up on another option or path. So, let go!


Love might be on the program for you, Aquarius. Or, at the very least, your focus is on interpersonal relationships and how give and take/nurturing relationships is ultimately helping you and your goals. Give and take balance is a big one for you under this Full Moon in Aquarius, so adjust as necessary.


This Full Moon in Aquarius is creating a lot of intuitive hits for you, Pisces. You might find yourself even more perceptive than usual, so listen to these quiet voices. The focus is on retrieving your balance and getting rid of any negative habits that prevent you from achieving your goals. It’s a cleansing time for you.

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