The Full Moon in Aquarius Is Happening–Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

You may feel forced to make fast decisions—but don't forget to slow down.

The seasonal Blue Moon in Aquarius on August 22nd is not only the second Aquarius Full Moon of the summer (the first one was July 23rd), but it’s also an additional lunation in the span of thirty days. This one happens to occur moments before the Sun enters Virgo, which means that it’s urging you to make fast decisions and improvements in your life due to Jupiter’s alignment with the moon. The truth is that you should be slowing down, assessing, and reflecting—even if the cosmic energy is pushing you to do otherwise.

Below is your full moon in Aquarius horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


The blue moon is glowing up the relationship you have with your peers. In fact, it will cause some enlightening moments within your friendships, and also be a source of major recognition. You’ll feel seen and cared for by your crew (and vice versa) for the first time in months.


A job that you’ve been working on for quite some time is coming to an end. Rather than get all torn up inside, understand that new opportunities are on their way. One door closes, another will open real soon. Manifest great projects that you’ll enjoy working on.


Instead of talking about everything that you want to do, put it into action. Join a club or class that you’ve always had an interest in. Learn how to knit or make delicious cocktails over Zoom with friends. Your mind is limitless and is thirsting for a new activity right now.


Your finances will take a hit during the blue moon. Don’t be tempted to ask for a loan from a friend, it may prove to be a more emotional effort than it’s worth. You’ll be able to have a reset button around money matters, as cash will randomly come your way.


Lately, you’ve been seeing the flaws of your partner or crush more and more. Instead of looking for the negative, try to see the positive of the person and your relationship. The more energy you get to the favorable things, the more you will appreciate them for being in your life.


Brighten up your day by giving yourself more time to rest and relax. The truth of the matter is that you work too hard, which is having a toll on both your mental and emotional well-being. Now’s a chance for you to decompress and get more pep in your step.


The lesser-known sensual side to your normally hyper-prudent self will want to come out to play during the blue moon. Enjoy pleasurable activities with a partner or yourself in and out of the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to experiment now. Seek out new and inventive ways to have some fun.


It’s time you practiced radical honesty with others, instead of placating their moods and walking on your tiptoes. You don’t have to sacrifice who you are in order to make people happy. If they want you to change then they’re not worth the energy you’ve been giving to them lately.


No one knows better than you that words can hurt and create deep wounds. Before you assert your feelings, be sure that you are saying exactly what needs to be said. Instead of mincing words with emotion, tenderly express what’s on your mind to get your feelings across without drama.


Your bank account is receiving some extra cash, which will be a surprise since you’ve been stressing over money recently. Instead of spending all of your cash, try saving or reinvesting it to ensure that you do not wind up in the same financially strained situation again. Save your pennies!


1, 2, 3, 4, you declare a tug of war in matters of the heart. The blue moon offers you contradicting and confusing passive sentiments around love but also pushes you to take your power back within relationships. You will be craving control and dominance over others (on and off).


Working on mending your heart is proving to be hard. Healing will cost you some relationships. But, those alliances weren’t meant to be anyway because they aren’t standing the test of time. A real friend supports your growth, they don’t deny you the chance to spread your wings and fly.