This full moon in Gemini will push you out of your comfort zone—here’s what that means for your sign

Depending on what time zone you’re located in, a deeply transformative full moon in Gemini will occur on either the 11th or the 12th of December. This moon will continue the transformational work you’ve been chipping away at since it was originally initiated by the new moon in Taurus.

But don’t fear this full moon, though. While you may feel more serious about love this week, this full moon is primarily focusing on your relationships, your values, and your relationship to money. During this time, it’s important to discard anything that doesn’t pass the test of time. And if you’re currently in a stale situation that you don’t necessarily want to end just yet, know that it’s entirely in your power to transform it, if you’re willing to do the work.

Now, let’s see how this full moon will affect your zodiac sign. And make sure to check your rising sign, too.


This is a very positive time for your professional life, Aries. Now is a good time to sign important contracts that are related to housing and work. But be careful—this full moon is triggering a lot of mental noise, and your head could be buzzing with a lot of ideas and thoughts. While this might be the momentum you’ve been waiting for, make sure to take a breather any chance you get.


Open a savings account, Taurus, because you could be manifesting additional income and funds this week. Now is a good time to invest in insurances, retirement plans, and overall money-making moves à la Cardi B. And if you have a career partner in crime, now could be the time to connect with them to make additional funds. Either way, get that money.


Because this full moon is in your sign, it’s triggering major changes and shedding old patterns for you. This moon is inviting you to be more vulnerable and open to intimacy in your relationships. This will help you get to know yourself better, let go of parts of you that are inauthentic, and help you manage your sense of identity within these relationships.


This full moon might make you feel sleepy, so don’t despair if you end up snoozing your morning alarm more than usual. This is because you’ll be undergoing a spiritual cleanse. You’re reviewing your relationships and contemplating whether or not they live up to your desire for connection, nurturance, and safety. Now is a good time to voice what you usually leave on read by connecting deeper with your truth.


This full moon will have your creative juices flowing and give you an energy boost. You’ll feel motivated to start new projects, be out and about, and come up with more creative and original ideas. Now is a good time to ask yourself what you believe you’re really good at and what you love. And when you find out, do more of that!


You’re really not messing around, Virgo. You want success, recognition, strong foundations, and relationships that are strong and able to pass the test of time. And because you’re very responsible and grounded this week, you’ll be making choices that’ll support your long-term vision.


Expect to have an aha moment this week, Libra. Are you suffering from some limiting beliefs that were created in your childhood? If this is the case, a change in perspective could allow you to finally achieve a stable foundation. It’s a good time to make an inventory of your beliefs and see whether or not you can change some to truly achieve your family goals.


While shedding layers is a regular Thursday for you, Scorpio, this full moon is triggering some strong realizations in regards to intimacy, vulnerability, and how you handle disappointments. Look deep within yourself and face the things you feel ashamed or afraid of. Now is the time to let some of these things go for good.


This is the time to make decisions based on your partnerships. While you’re seeking a sense of stability and security, you also don’t want to feel restricted. Plus, this full moon can help you achieve a great sense of equality in your relationships by allowing you to have a more moderate approach to relating to people you care about.


Pay attention to your health, Capricorn. If you find yourself ill, it could be because of your imbalanced lifestyle. The truth is, working too much, ignoring emotions, and making food choices that don’t support your heath could really hurt your overall well-being. Try to slow down and figure out what habits you want to keep or discard to balance everything out again.


This full moon encourages you to tune into your feelings. And you can do that by journaling about how you feel. Contemplate what subconsciously motivates you and what you need emotionally. Putting your feelings into words could help you become more aware of your underlying emotions.


This full moon could be emotional for you. Your vulnerability gives you strength, and that’s particularly true this week. This moon will allow you to gain clarity on your needs and emotions that maybe felt out of reach. So don’t be too afraid to express what’s hidden inside of you. The truth needs to come out.

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