The full-length Jessica Jones trailer is here and OMG

Over the past month, Netflix has been teasing us with trailers for it’s newest original show, Jessica Jones. It’ll mark the second beautiful collaboration between Netflix and Marvel (the first being Daredevil), and will bring us a totally binge-worthy show. Now, with a month to go until it drops onto the streaming site, Netflix has finally delivered the first full-length trailer for Jessica Jones, and there’s only three words to describe it: OH. MY. GOD.

Jessica Jones follows the character of, well, Jessica Jones (played perfectly by perfect person Krysten Ritter), as she deals with the aftermath of… something. See, Jessica is now a retired superhero trying to lead a mostly quiet life as a private detective. But it’s only mostly quiet because she’s still deeply haunted by the events of her past, and a mysterious person named “Kilgrave.”  If his voice in the trailer sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because Kilgrave is played by David Tennant, who has got some sort of terrifying mind-control powers he’s unleashing all over Hell’s Kitchen.

As for Jessica’s superpowers, she can stop a moving car (but only a slow moving one), has some uncanny superhuman strength, it appears as if she can fly (!?). She can also hold her liquor. Just like Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, before her, Jessica is not your typical “here to save the world!” superhero. She’s here to save herself right now. From the trailer, it looks like doing that is completely going to shatter her world again.

Check out the full length trailer below, and November 20th can’t come soon enough.

(Image via Netflix)


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