This “Full House” parody speaks the truth about life in San Francisco

Okay, we know you know: Fuller House is on Netflix as of today, etc, etc. The new series brings the classic ’90s sitcom up to date, showing the gang in the present. But what it might not account for is the difference in quality of life in San Francisco, which has become one of the most notoriously unaffordable towns in this country.

AJ+‘s parody, Unaffordable House, does a re-do of the Full House credits, pointing out some harsh realities. Like the fact that the Tanner family’s home is worth over $3 million today.


Or that you need to be making what, like…$10,000 per month to afford an apartment there?


Or that there’s no where for artists to really live in the city. And that gentrification has taken over. And that the middle class’s income gap is larger than ever.


Check out the parody below:

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