The creator of “Full House” just revealed what he actually thought the Olsen twins would do on “Fuller House”

Fuller House is finally streaming on Netflix, and it’s taking us right back to the early ’90s. If you grew up watching Full House, you’ll love the small details they brought back for the reboot. It also stands alone as a fun family sitcom for new viewers too. Everyone is back with their catchphrases in tow. Well, almost everyone. As you’ve probably heard, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did not return for the Netflix series.


In the ’90s, MK+A were on top of the world. Every girl wanted to be them. They acted in Full House, starred in their own movies together and had a super cool book series. On top of all that they were twins, which was the neatest thing ever—they were each other’s built-in BFFs. So to see every single person that we loved from the original show in Fuller House, and have Michelle not be there, was a little bit of a let-down. The series is still great without them, but even a tiny cameo would have been special.

The show cheekily addresses Michelle’s absence in the first scene, and promptly drops the issue. But the viewers aren’t the only ones who feel cheated—John Stamos campaigned pretty hard in interviews and on social media for Mary-Kate and Ashley to get on board, sharing many adorable #tbts from their younger years on set. Full House and Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin was disappointed in the twins’ decision too.



“That was a giant bummer, but their participation was never a precondition for doing that show,” Franklin told Vulture. “I hoped that they would come back and do one episode but I didn’t think that they were going to be regulars.”


That was all we wanted to see—just one scene in one episode with Michelle! The entire time we watched Fuller House, a little part of us was hoping the youngest Tanner would in fact make a super-surprise appearance—one that the entire cast and crew worked to keep a secret. But alas, it never happened. Still, we couldn’t be happier with the reboot, and it sounds like everyone involved feels the same way.


“To get a second shot, be back with these actors that have become like a second family to me—to hit that kind of jackpot twice in my life is ridiculous,” Franklin said.

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