The ‘Full House’ home might become a ‘Full House’ attraction and we’re already planning to visit

This past May, a house in San Francisco went up for sale. This wasn’t just any house, mind you. This was the Tanner house from Full House. You know, just one of the most iconic houses in television history. The price tag was not cheap.  But that didn’t stop Jeff Franklin, the creator of Full House, from purchasing the building for a whopping $4 million.


As Jeff Franklin told the Hollywood Reporter:

"The house came on the market and really, I just thought, I have to buy this house. I'm so sentimental about the house. It's great to have the house in our "Full House" family and be able to preserve it for the fans. […] Seriously, I love owning this house."

Jeff Franklin wants to share the Full House love with the rest of us, so he’s making some changes to the place. The front door is being repainted, back from seafoam green to its iconic Full House red so the hundreds of fans who drop by every day can take snaps in front of it.

He’s also going to redecorate the digs so it looks like the Tanners still live there. So next time you’re in San Francisco, you will be able to stop by 1709 Broderick St. in San Francisco’s Lower Pacific Heights and take ALL the 90s nostalgia selfies.

The awesomeness doesn’t stop there. Franklin is hoping to shoot the third season of the Netflix reboot Fuller House INSIDE the actual Tanner house.

"No one has allowed us to shoot in that house since we did our very first stock shoot back in April of '87. Our audience has watched the same cars drive by that house now for 29 years. It's going to be really nice to see some new cars drive by the house."

And Franklin has a SUPER fun idea re: how to celebrate Full House’s 30th anniversary, which falls on September 22nd, 2017.

"That will be around the time that all of my construction will be done, so I hope to bring the cast up to the house and have a big slumber party here so people can drive by and actually see the Tanner family living there for one whole day," he explained. "That would be pretty fun."

No word yet re: whether fans can actually go INSIDE the house at any point. But Franklin seems pretty set on renovating this house to give the fans what they want. We have faith that he’ll do right by us TGIF fangirls.

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