Aunt Becky addresses that ‘Full House’ attic mystery

Let’s for a second not think about the inhabitants of the Full House house, but rather focus on the actual house itself. As we know from the show’s opening credits, and numerous exterior shots, the Tanner family home is located in San Francisco. Though it shows them hanging out in the Alamo Square park, their house is actually located on Broderick Street a few blocks away. Why is this important? Because the so-called Tanner house doesn’t appear to have an attic IRL, so HOW could Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse move up there?

This might not be something you think about on the regular, but now it’s going to be front and center in your mind. The house is already way larger than it appears, with family members living from the basement all the way up to the attic. The attic, remember, has vaulted ceilings with skylights.

But in the shots of the actual house in the show, it has a very flat, skylight-less roof.

So what gives?

Thankfully, the folks over at the Huffington Post wanted to get to the bottom of this, and asked attic-resident Aunt Becky herself. Stopping by for a chat, Lori Loughlin, declares, “From the look of it, I would argue that there could be an attic [on the house.]” There could be, but is there? That’s the question.

Pressing the issues some more, Loughlin continued, “I would say! I would say! If you’re going to take Full House that literally, you probably shouldn’t be watching it.”

Oh but we have, and we’re going to keep watching it until Fuller House arrives on Netflix. As for this attic mystery, still needing more answers, the Huffington Post found them via the obvious: Google Maps. The actual real address of the house used in the series is 1709 Broderick Street, and doing a quick search for that . . . we learn once and for all, via the street view, that the roof is in fact vaulted, meaning the attic could certainly exist. There are no skylights! But I think after all these years we’re all willing to let that slide.

“With a bird’s-eye view, you can see that the ‘flat roof’ is only a façade in the truest sense, hiding the real identity of Full House all along,” the Huffington Posts writes, and it’s about time we got the truth. In sum: The space for the attic was there, but it was not front and center in the opening credits of the show. All along, it was one quick Google search away.

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