The Full Harvest Moon Is Happening—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Take a moment for yourself—you deserve a break from work.

The full harvest moon occurs on October 1st. Known for its orange hue, this luminary marks the autumnal harvest as we make our way through the year. This year, the full harvest moon marks a culmination of feelings we’ve had throughout the past weeks. It’s a moment to reflect and embrace our emotions.  

Read below for your full harvest moon horoscope, and make sure to look at your rising sign, too.


Don’t feel bad for demanding extra TLC now. Be extra. You deserve to be the center of attention and receive all the affection in the universe. Stop being shy about asking others for admiration and respect. You deserve all the love in the world, bb.  


It’s time for you to confront your inner demons and transform. Once you look your fears in the eye, you will be able to squash them and move forward in any anvenue you choose to go down. Growth is necessary and possible at the moment.  


When in need, you can always call upon your squad for support. Now more than ever, you need their help in making you feel better. They’ll offer you stellar advice and loyalty; whether or not you choose to take it is up to you. 


Your mind is running a million miles a minute. Time away from the limelight and from work is essential. Give yourself a moment to decompress and catch up with tasks outside of your job. Do you! Get your house and personal affairs in order. Put yourself first.  


Two paths divulge in the woods. Do you take the high road or the low road? Remember this quandary as you are scrapping to make decisions that can affect your life (in good or bad ways). It’s okay to be still and think things through.  


When the going gets tough, you stay and try to work matters out. If you don’t have a willing partner who’s able to do the necessary work, then you should let them go. After all, you are too good to be treated as second best.  


Friendships take work, and you’re more than happy to give your pals the benefit of the doubt. However, you’re finding that, now more than ever, you need to take a stand and push back when your squad fails to give you their full-on support.  


It’s time to say goodbye to all of your bad habits. Kicking all toxic things to the curb will not only allow you to feel good but also know that you accomplished your goals. Stay focused to keep up the good work. You got this! 


Well, you’ve done it again, Sagittarius—this time you’ve used your tender side to pour your heart out to a potential S.O. Be sure that you can live up to all that you’ve promoted during your intimate heart-to-heart convo before moving forward with the relationship.  


It’s time to prioritize your needs. Instead of focusing on what everyone else wants and is doing, give yourself more time to enjoy your life and pay attention to what’s important in your orbit. Then you can manifest your truest desires and dreams in reality.  


You’re not too proud to admit when you’re wrong, but you are too headstrong to apologize for your part in a bad situation. Use this luminary to make amends with others. Let love lead the way to make up with those you’ve had drama with. 


You’re now realizing that asking for help isn’t a sign of being weak but rather a way for you to ensure you can do the best job possible with your limited abilities. Don’t take it as a hit to your ego; accept the assistance and support.  

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