Here are a few Full Corn Moon rituals that will help you reap the benefits of the season ahead

Historically, September’s Full Corn Moon marked the time for harvesting the goods Mother Earth had provided during the warmer months. In late September and early October, harvesters pulled from the ground their corn, wheat, and barley crops. The Full Corn Moon, sometimes called the Harvest Moon when in close proximity to the Fall Equinox, marked the end of summer and ushered in a period of preparation for the upcoming winter; it also provided the bright light necessary for the harvest. It was, and still is, a spiritual and symbolic event that welcomed the change of season.

This year, the Full Corn Moon rises on September 24th, just two days after the autumnal equinox on September 22nd. The autumnal equinox is the official transition from summer to fall, and until the Winter Solstice, we will have shorter days and longer nights. Those of the Wiccan faith celebrate Mabon during the September equinox, during which they give thanks to the waning sunlight and prepare to actualize goals as they wind down from the business of summer.

So, taking inspiration from celebrants of Mabon and those who live by the moon, we’ve jotted down a few Full Corn Moon rituals that will set you up for a successful autumn and winter season.

1. Focus in on goals and plan out how to achieve them.

Whether you buy into the spiritual connection between humans and the moon or not, now is the perfect time to set goals and hold yourself accountable for achieving them. On the night of the full moon, grab your weekly planner, a notebook, or pull up your computer calendar. If your goal is something tangible, like finally buying yourself a new car, pick a date you’d like to achieve that by. Then, plan how you’re going to make that happen (save this much money by this date, choose a make and model by this date, renew license by this date, etc).

This method works well for intangible goals as well. For example, if you want to rekindle a waning friendship, take this time to plan future outings or even set reminders to reach out to your old friend. Giving yourself a checklist will not only motivate you, but it will make your goal seem much more attainable.

2. Harvest herbs, plants, and veggies and prepare a thanksgiving meal.

Harkening back to the days of the harvest, head outside and harvest your own plants, herbs, and vegetables. If you don’t have your own garden, you can take a walk through the woods and collect edible wild plants, such as chives, mint, or other local flora. We advise you to do extensive research before you do this; otherwise you could ingest something very bad for you. 

Alternatively, avoid the possibility of self-poisoning and head to the supermarket or local farmer’s market. Purchase vegetables that are in season and prepare a seasonal feast for yourself or for your friends and family. Fill your food with intention for the new season and give thanks for a wonderful summer as you fatten up for the fall.

3. Call upon the goddess Demeter to help you realize your dreams.

Mabon and the autumnal equinox are historically linked to Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest and motherhood. In the days leading up to the equinox and full moon, rearrange and decorate your altar space to pay homage to Demeter. Adorn your surface with offerings to her, such as wheat stocks, apples, barley, yellow ribbons, cinnamon candles, pine or sage incense, citrine, and peridot.

Work any spells directed toward your goals here and call upon Demeter during your workings to have her guide you through the task at hand. You can even write your wishes on a small notecard and tuck it amongst your offerings to ensure Demeter receives it.

The period surrounding the Full Corn Moon is one of thanksgiving for what you have. It’s a time to rest and plan your next moves for the season ahead. As always, take care of yourself, rejuvenate, set intentions, and put your goals into motion.

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