The Full Cold Moon in Cancer will have a moving effect on every zodiac sign

This month’s Full Cold Moon on the 22nd will rise in nourishing and protective Cancer, which is a nice contrast to its traditional meaning. According to, December’s full moon is known as the Full Cold Moon because it falls near the Winter Solstice, ushering in the season’s freezing temperatures and long, dark nights. But with the moon falling in sensitive and family-oriented Cancer, we will be drawn more to hearth and home, seeking tender and warm connections with our loved ones. This is the ideal time to honor the introverted and nurturing tendencies of Cancer, so cocoon yourself tonight with a hot cup of cocoa, a weighted blanket, and a journal, and take care of you.

Because full moons are always ripe for emotions, you can also bet that emosh Cancer will have us feeling feels on top of feels. However, the Sun’s current position in practical and ambitious Capricorn will help balance out our state of being. This Full Cold Moon will combine nostalgia with forward momentum, sensibility with strategy, and home with work. We are eager to balance both the matriarchal (Cancer) and patriarchal (Capricorn) parts of ourselves, which might mean we create goals with soul as we seek to find structure within our emotional and creative lives. Overall, we will be feeling more positive and optimistic about the future, which is a fantastic omen for 2019.

Here’s what the Full Cold Moon has in store for your zodiac sign.


It’s difficult for you to be vulnerable at times, Aries, but this moon is asking you to go deep within and share what needs to be shared. Don’t be scared to share what’s in your heart. As Brené Brown says, “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.”


It’s time for you to include more stability in your life, Taurus. Maybe that means saving more money, taking a new job, or going to the next level in your relationship. Whatever it is, know that you’re ready and deserving.


Standing still isn’t your strong suit, Gemini, but this full moon is asking you to do exactly that. Where’s the fire? Actually, it’s within you, and it can help connect you to wherever you’re raring to go. Listen to what it says.


With the full moon in your sign, Cancer, you’re feeling its effects tenfold. You want to feel secure in your personal life, but you’re also looking for something more in your career. Channel the moon’s growth energy into a type of security that will allow you to have both.


You have a warm heart, Leo, which you sometimes neglect in favor of accolades and attention. It’s time to turn your attention to others, particularly your loved ones, and see how you can make them feel a part of your fast-paced world.


You often neglect your own needs in the name of perfection, Virgo. Luckily, this full moon will help nudge you toward a little self-care. This is the night to indulge your most luxe whims. Bubble bath? Face mask? Massage? Do ’em all!


It’s time to slow it down, Libra. You’re eager to flit from group to group, but the stars want you to stay still and move toward your nearest and dearest. Who’s reliable? Who shows up for you? Who do you trust with your heart? Go to the love. Spend time with those people.


You’re always down to do some deep soul-cleansing, Scorpio. While this is the perfect night for that, the stars would prefer you to trade your lone-wolf tendencies for time with your trusted tribe. Let your hair down and enjoy their company. You can be deep tomorrow.


You’re itching to try something new, Sag, but the Full Cold Moon wants you to stand still. Take this time to make a real plan for where you want to go next. Focus is your friend and can help you with your next journey. Brainstorm, research, and connect the dots.


This is the night to be more tender than practical, Capricorn. What does your heart truly desire? Maybe what you want isn’t “practical” in your eyes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it. Open your heart and go for it.


It’s time to blend your worldly dreams with the needs of those closest to you, Aquarius. How can you bring your bold ambitions closer to home? Looking at what’s in front of you could bring you closer to what you want.


Full moons always make you more sensitive than usual, Pisces. Couple that with the moon in your fellow water sign, Cancer, and don’t be surprised if you’re reaching for the tissues tonight. Make this a constructive night by pouring your empathy into something creative.

This is a wonderful night to honor our innermost feelings and see how we can bring those wishes into reality, bbs. There’s an excitement in the air that is propelling us to speak and create from our truth. Let the Full Cold Moon guide you to the highest expression of yourself.

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