These Full Buck Moon rituals are meant for the Leo in all of us

When the moon enters its fullest phase each month, we should all take time to reflect, renew, and ready ourselves for the month ahead. On Friday, July 27th, the Full Buck Moon will arrive, and it’s packing some serious lunar energy that we can put to work to better our lives. To take full advantage of the moon’s magic, here are a few Buck Moon rituals you can do tonight.

There’s something special about the upcoming Full Buck Moon that makes it even more powerful than usual. On Friday, while the moon is full, a total lunar eclipse (the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century) will take place. In some parts of the world, the moon will disappear from view for almost two whole hours.

Eclipses offer a unique opportunity for those who believe in the magic of Mother Nature. The aligning of the sun, moon, and Earth is believed by many to be a source of immense energy that, if harnessed, can be used to manifest wishes and enhance any ritual you choose to perform in its presence. Get ready to feel like a better version of yourself, because this full moon is not messing around.

Meditate to manifest large goals.

According to D.J. Conway, author of Moon Magick: Myth & Magic, Crafts & Recipes, Rituals & Spellsthe Buck Moon (also called the Hay Moon, Thunder Moon, and Wort Moon), emits a “relaxed energy” that can help people prepare to succeed. Conway suggests using the power of the Buck Moon to meditate on goals and dreams, especially spiritual ones, and readying yourself to succeed in manifesting those goals.

To properly meditate, prepare a quiet space for yourself and remove any distractions, such as phones and computers. Light candles or burn incense that correspond with the goal in mind (green candles and patchouli for wealth, pink candles and jasmine for love, etc.). Sit in a comfortable position and focus on nothing else but your goal. Think about how you would feel having achieved it and how much it would mean to you. Feel your want for it and picture it happening, and send your intention out into the universe.

Tap into your inner Leo.

Leo season is officially in full swing, and during the Buck Moon we can all use our inner lion to ask for what we want and demand attention. If you’re someone who is more subdued in nature, use Friday’s full moon to do something that’s outside of your comfort zone. Try karaoke for the first time or wear something that makes you stand out in a crowd. Make a point of exploring your bold side while the full Leo moon shines above. And yes, everyone has a bold side — even all you Cancers out there.

Charge yourself while charging your magical tools.

Letting your crystals, wands, daggers, and other magical tools soak in the rays of the full moon makes them more potent and cleanses them of past energies. Similarly, cleansing and charging yourself in the light of the full moon can do the same. Take yourself outside to bask in the lunar rays and perhaps treat yourself to a nighttime picnic, meditation, or yoga practice.

If you can’t do your thang outside, you can still recharge and cleanse from the comfort of your own home. Run a bath infused with oils and herbs that enhance your psychic ability (like lavender, mint, and jasmine).

Save the power of the eclipse for future use.

While you’re doing one or all of the above rituals, you can simultaneously soak in and save the eclipse’s energy to use for future rituals or magical practices. To create an eclipse tonic, or eclipse water, all you’ll need is a clear jar — or some sort of see-through vessel with a lid — and water. You can use regular tap water or collect water from a source special to you. Using rainwater can also punch up the magic of this recipe.

Fill your container with your water of choice and screw on the lid. Then, leave your water-filled container out during the Buck Moon eclipse — even if you can’t see the eclipse from your part of the world, the magic is still there. Leave your water to soak for the entirety of the eclipse and collect it in the morning. You can use this water to anoint magical tools, to wash your face or add to a bath before or during ritual, or to perform spellwork that calls for water.

Setting an intention before leaving your water out under the eclipse can also boost potency, as can adding herbs or oils for luck, love, or health.

Enjoy the Full Buck Moon, the total lunar eclipse, and the rest of Leo season. Use it all to your advantage.

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