The Internet is super frustrated with this puzzle. Can you solve it?

After a long night out on the town with your besties, the last thing you probably want to face is a complicated logic puzzle printed on the coaster under your cocktail. But at the Storm Crow Tavern in Vancouver, B.C., that’s exactly what they’ve done — and the solution is straight up diabolical.

At first glance, the puzzle seems perfectly simple: Follow the path from the entrance to the exit, alternating between blue and red gems as you go. Yet after a few tries, it’s obvious that the answer isn’t going to be as straightforward as it seems. The puzzle has been posted multiple times in the /r/puzzles subreddit, and every time it leaves at least a few people totally baffled. Can you figure it out, Gigglers?

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As you can see, the solution itself isn’t actually all that difficult — but it does require you to make at least a few assumptions about the “rules” of the game. For example, a few redditors assumed that the orbs “disappeared” after you went through them (which would make the puzzle super easy); or that you had to pass through every single orb. Personally, I didn’t know that passing through the same orbs twice was allowed, which made me think the whole thing was a cruel joke.

Either way, we think it’s a fun way to get your brain working after you’ve had too much egg nog.

(Images via imgur/HelloGiggles.)

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