“Fruity Pebbles” hair is the breakfast-meets-beauty trend you’re gonna want to try asap

Just when we thought we’d seen every iteration of brightly colored hair that’s out there, it looks like there’s a new contender in the ring that will make you wish you were back in your childhood home eating breakfast: Fruity Pebbles hair. These rainbow-bright hair hues are just about as good as it gets, with colorful locks that look perfect for the summer.

Unicorn hair has dominated the scene for quite some time now but will the trend be dethroned by this popular new look? This bright, sunny trend is as happy as can be, and we totally get why this would be a perfect hair pick-me-up.

Fruity Pebbles are not only your favorite childhood cereal but now it’s about to be your favorite hair color, too.

Doesn’t that look positively divine?

You can even create it in your own home if you’ve got the skills.

Fruity Pebbles hair color has made a splash on social media, and we are loving all the hair inspo that we’re getting.

We’re really into all of the different color combinations that people are going for. Some have bolder red hues and yellow definition, and others are staying more in the realm of cool tones.


Either way, it definitely works.

Would you take the plunge?

If you’ve already got blonde hair, it’d be pretty easy to DIY it yourself. Though, if you’re starting from scratch or don’t trust your own abilities, your hairstylist has you covered.

Has Fruity Pebbles hair been on your radar for a while, or is this a brand-new trend you might be interested in trying? These gorgeous colors are super versatile, and the concept of it would be easy to translate to your own personal style depending on how dramatic you want to go. We are totally on board with this one.

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