Someone has made fruity pebble macarons, and we can finally eat cookies for breakfast

Five or six years ago, few Americans had any idea what a French macaron was. But now these crunchy little sandwich cookies are EVERYWHERE, as inescapable as death or taxes. And their ubiquity hasn’t cost the dessert its high-society status. Anyone who’s eaten a macaron has also been smugly corrected on how to pronounce macaron, first of all. Second, macarons are basically the only dessert that comes in the Pantone Color of the Year. (Rose Quartz and Serenity-colored macarons are definitely out there somewhere.) Third, what in the world are some of these flavors? What would a lily of the valley macaron even taste like?!

Fortunately, the day has finally arrived when there might be a macaron for us chocolate chip cookie-eating plebs.

In the words of PopSugar blogger and TV host Brandi Milloy, “Who says French macarons have to be fancy-schmancy?

As a recovering “macaron-phobic” herself, Milloy gets us. And her macaron of choice skips the blah colors and flavors and goes straight for what our inner eight-year-old is craving. That’s right. FRUITY PEBBLES.

Skittles are great and all, but this is the true way to taste the rainbow.

Still more good news is that these macarons are pretty simple to make.

Who knew that you could make ganache using only three ingredients and a microwave? Although the cookies themselves might seem a little more intimidating, the Fruity Pebbles macarons recipe isn’t too complicated. And the end product is totally worth it.


Just give us two or three of these and we’re set for breakfast. And snacks. And dessert. We’re never making fun of macarons again. Try the recipe for yourselves — fruity deliciousness awaits!