Give your couch some friends in the form of friendly fruit pillows

After getting a little white couch for my apartment, I, a complete color-obsessed maximalist, realized that baby needed to be spruced up. I decorated it with neon pillows and threw on a faux sheepskin rug, but it still needed something EXTRA special. Something with character, something with PIZZAZZ. When I saw these kitschy, vintage-inspired plush pillows from Oddly Weird, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for.

The recently-launched shop features four adorable pillow characters, all made from faux fur and felt. There’s a candy-colored eyeball, a heart-shaped pillow resembling one of our cherished emojis and two sleepy-looking fruits. One is a pink and green watermelon friend and the other is a neon green pear. Now, what to name him? Luke Pear-y???

Oddly Weird pillows, $60

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(Product shots via Oddly Weird.)