Summer harvest: Wear your fruity garden

Cutesie items can be hit or miss. While shiny, plastic replications of fruits and candies have always enticed the magpie in me, and I really can’t get enough of ruffles and oversized bows, these styles have also historically felt a little too cute to compliment the rest of my wardrobe, usually prompting to me to opt out of any cutesie chapter of fashion and, as a result, miss out on the fun.

However, with fruit appearing on everything from bathing suits to clutches this season (and with tons of amazing fruit-topped vintage finds), I’ve been seduced into the fruit fashion trend, in spite of being cautiously afraid of cutesie things destroying my outfit. Because it’s hard to dislike something that looks exactly like a damn watermelon. It just makes you happy to look at and fashion should make you feel happy and maybe even a little silly sometimes.


So, if you want to wear Hello Kitty hair ties and hot pink pumps, I commend you! But if you’re on the cutesie-shy side like me and wanna dip your toes in the darling pool without painting your room bubblegum, here are a few gently cute and fruity things to brighten up your day without undermining your very seriously-taken sense of style (LOL).

Sterling Silver Apple Ring

I’ve loved Shannon Conrad’s jewelry over at Ruby Girl for years. She uses design playfully and upholds handsome metalwork, all while maintaining modest prices. She continues to create work that is striking, functional and fun. I love this darling little apple ring and the way it perches on your hand. So cute!

Girl Power Lemons

1. I want lemons now.

2. Yes to everything about this.

1970s Chain Banana Pendent Necklace

Leave it to the ’70s to teach us how to wear fruity necklaces well. I love this banana pendent chain necklace in my shop right now. The yellow isn’t too bright and the chain is one of my favorite patina-coppery metal hues. Wear it with bright colors, wear it with a little black dress—it adjusts to your mood.

J.Crew Fruit Salad Tank Top

Ugh. This tank top is perfect! Charming, pastel, fruity and classy. I can just imagine it tucked into denim shorts with leather thong sandals and a messy braid. Muted colors make it mystically cute and playfully soft.

Watermelon Shoes

Arguably the cutesiest of the list, these melon dream canvas tennis shoes are actually too cute to pass up. They’re Keds so you know they’re mad comfortable, they’re a perfect peachy pink color and the watermelons are more artist’s sketch than industrial design.

Sometimes it takes watermelon shoes and banana necklaces to remind us to have fun with our style and to never take ourselves too seriously. I’m off to eat a giant tray of fruit and jump in a swimming pool!



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