For the first time in forever, there’s a behind-the-scenes video for the “Frozen” musical

Get ready to build a snowman allllll over again, because a teaser for the upcoming Broadway adaptation of Frozen just dropped — and no surprise, it looks AMAZING.

The behind-the-scenes sneak peek includes interviews with the creative team behind the production, along with footage of the cast diligently practicing for the show’s pre-Broadway preview in Denver beginning in August.

If you can’t quite wait until the show officially debuts on Broadway in Spring 2018 (we feel your pain), there’s some juicy tidbits about the adaptation to tide you over. Like, the fact that the musical will debut 14(!!) original tunes, which means we’ll have so many more songs to incorporate into our karaoke repertoire.

And never fear, die-hard Frozen fans, because the new songs have been written by the same lyricists who penned the film’s music.

The musical will also delve even further into the characters’ stories and, according to Frozen writer Jennifer Lee, the audience will have the chance to “get inside [Elsa’s] head.”

Both Lee and producer Thomas Schumacher noted that the stage is actually exactly the format that Frozen should be viewed on.

“I screened a rough cut of Frozen," Schumacher said. "I couldn’t believe what I was looking at on the screen was a perfect Broadway musical."

We can definitely see that. And we are have so much faith that the musical will do the film justice.

Seriously, just look at Elsa and Anna:

And Kristoff:

We can’t wait to let it all go when this hits Broadway. And by that, we mean shamelessly cry a little — okay, fine, a lot — and mouth along to every song.