Warning: This new ‘Frozen’ fan theory is totally disturbing

I didn’t think it was possible for us to be more obsessed with fan theories than we already were, but what can I say? We’re suckers for clever, out-of-the-box thinking about our favorite movies and TV shows. Fortunately for us, there’s a Reddit community that feeds our addiction. Their latest target is Frozen, and this theory is just too insane. And actually totally disturbing.

Theory: Kristoff is wearing the fur of Sven the reindeer’s mother. I know. I know. I warned you it would make you cringe.

Dorkly breaks the theory down for us, saying, “The coloring definitely matches up. You might think it’s a wolf pelt, but Kristoff is considered to be Sami, an indigenous Scandinavian people who happen to use reindeer fur in their traditional clothing.”

Wow. OK. That’s dark stuff, but it kind of makes sense. But wait — it gets worse. The theory goes on to state that Kristoff’s reindeer pelts probably came from the hunters who killed Sven’s parents.

“Think about it: Why else would a reindeer warm to a child that was wearing the skin of its own species?” Dorkly rationalizes. “Sven sticks with Kristoff because he’s wearing the only thing that remains of his mother.”

Ouch. That’s hard to stomach. But what do we know? It’s just a Reddit theory from an animated movie — so take the logic at face value. We do know that the internet is full of extremely clever, creative and observant people. What will they theorize next?

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