The Froot Loops recipe is changing in the best way

By now, you’ve probably caught on to the trend that’s happening amongst food producers and restaurants. Anything labeled with artificial flavors, colors and preservatives is OUT, and healthy, natural and real food is IN. It’s all about eating healthy! And Kellogg is jumping on board.

The company is setting in motion plans to remove all artificial ingredients from Froot Loops, one of our all-time favorite cereals! Oh, happy day! So that means that Froot Loops are good for us. Healthy, even. Right? (Okay, maybe not, but just go with it.) With their announcement, Kellogg joins a growing list of companies like General Mills, Kraft and Campbell Soup Company who have started doing the same.

According to Kellogg, 50% of their cereals are already made without artificial flavors, while 75% do not contain artificial colors. So, that’s something. But they’re committing to doing even more, promising all additives will be removed by 2018. Sweet! Cereal for dinner is even more justified now.

A few years ago, the Australian version of Froot Loops switched to all-natural colors and flavorings, and they haven’t looked back since. While some may call this shift towards healthier ingredients a trend, I think it will only become more integrated and widespread — and that’s a good thing. Healthier, all-natural ingredients are better for our bodies and our overall health.

One question still remains: Once the artificial colors are phased out, what exactly will Froot Loops look like? Will they still be the brightly-colored cereal we know and love? As much as I love their vibrancy, I’ll take the healthier option any day. Congrats, Toucan Sam!

(Images via Shutterstock)