Frolicking baby pigs are the cutest thing you’ll see today

A brand new trio of baby pigs have arrived at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, New York, and it’s like The Three Little Pigs come to life.

The piglets are seriously adorable. Two days ago, the Wildlife Conservation Society posted a video of them to YouTube, and we’ve been watching it on constant repeat. Because frolicking baby pigs just have a way of making us forget anything and everything that’s wrong with the world.

Is it just me, or do they almost look like they have polkadots?! (Please tell me I’m not seeing things.) And those eyelashes! I have some serious lash envy right now.

The three little piggies are siblings, two brothers and a sister. They’re Juliana pigs, which happens to be the smallest breed of miniature pig. Juliana pigs typically weigh between 30 and 50 pounds when full-grown and stand at only 13-15 inches tall. That’s practically the same size as a Corgi. An oinking, snuffling, curly-tailed Corgi. Fun fact about these little guys: Their tails hang straight down, but when they get excited or run around, their tails can twist or curl. Awww. Judging by the flicking tails in the video, these pigs are really stoked to be in their new zoo home — as they should be. This is the first time the Prospect Zoo has ever had pigs of any kind.

Welcome to Brooklyn, piggies!

(Images and video via YouTube.)