This frog sounds EXACTLY like a squeaky toy and we need to squeeze it

Some animals are just too cute to be believed. As reported by Popular Science, a study found that people literally have the urge to squeeze certain animals that are cute—and the inability to be able to actually squeeze them brings out an aggressive response, or “cute aggression.” (Hence, when we say, “Oh he’s so cute I could die!”)

Well, here’s a new adorable creature that will definitely cause “cute aggression.” It’s the Breviceps macropsor the Desert Rain Frog and it is adorable.

Isn’t he the cutest? He’s more squeaky toy than wild animal! Thank goodness wildlife photographer Dean Boshoff was courageous enough to get close to the little guy!

This cute little guy spends most of his days burrowed in the cool sand. Unfortunately, this frog and his family are listed as “Vulnerable” by the IUCN.

Luckily, it looks this YouTube video has raised awareness for the Desert Rain Frog’s plight.


The world is enchanted by the Desert Rain Frog. Looks like he’ll be earning tons of kisses, and no one needs him to turn into a magic prince.