McDonald’s is testing out a new fries recipe at select locations

McDonald’s fries are well-known sources of hot, crispy, greasy deliciousness — but new french fry recipes could be headed our way very soon. Though the fast food chain has yet to release a statement on the product, McDonald’s customers and fry connoisseurs in various locations around the country have spotted “loaded” fries available for purchase at select locations.

What are “loaded fries,” you ask?

Well, it appears they’re bacon cheese fries. To be more specific, they’re drizzled in some kind of cheese sauce, with crumbled bacon piled on top.

In other words: SIGN US UP.

McDonald’s appears to be testing the bacon cheese fries recipe at several stores, selling a basket for $3.99.

According to Brand Eating, customers spotted them for sale in Kentucky, southeast Ohio, West Virginia, and the greater Pittsburgh area.

Customers lucky enough to get their hands on this delicacy have taken to social media to post photos and share locations where people can find the limited-edition treat. As we learned when Costco tested a cheeseburger in various West Coast locations, people will drive far and wide to get their hands on some new and tempting fast food.

No word on when the fries will make it to stores nationwide, but we’re waiting with bated breath to find out.