The friendship between this three-year-old and 91-year-old will melt your heart forever

So it’s the day before VOTING day, and understandably you might be feeling a little tense. Would a heartwarming story of friendship give you the warm and fuzzy feels?

Seriously, we just heard that a boy said farewell to his 91-year-old friend, a WWII vet who lived next-door in Minneapolis. Prepare for the friendship feels.

We’ve heard a lot of unlikely friendships in the past, from the most surprising animal friendship on Instagram to the 10 best unexpected friendships in TV shows. But this one might take the cake…because what could be sweeter than little Emmett Rychner wandering into Erling Kindem’s backyard one day to check out his tomatoes, and then becoming BFFs?


This started when Emmett was only a couple of years old, and he soon started a habit of “asking if Erling could come out and play.” They became inseparable; playing croquet, riding bicycles, playing with the lawn mower, and gardening.

When Erling became ill and moved into a nursing home, he still maintained his friendship with Emmett. Emmett visited his older friend several days before he passed to say his goodbyes.

 Talking to TODAY, his mom Anita describes the moment when she told Emmett what had happened:

"After we told Emmett that Erling had passed away, he was very quiet for a while. The first thing he said was, ‘So we’ll just have to wait a really long time. I know we’ll see him again in heaven.’"

AWWWWWWWWW. This is too much.


It’s clear that Emmett is a special boy, and this was an incredibly special friendship.

It’s also a great reminder of the possibility and potential of intergenerational friendship — because life is too short to put blinders on when it comes to special people!

H/T: Today