Here’s a friendship ring for you and you alone

Do you remember promise rings? I’m talking about those sweet tokens of affections your first love may have given you in junior high or high school as a promise of their undying love. Well, what if I told you it was time to give yourself a trinket with the same sort of idea, except it was more of a pledge to always practice self-care and self-love. After all, how will you take care of anything or anyone if you ain’t taking care of yourself first?

This “Me” heart signet ring, by London-based jewelry brand Me & Zena, would make the perfect promise ring to yourself. Sometimes when life throws us a curveball or hands over a big bag of STRESS, it can be easy to forget to sit back and take a breather. Every time you look down at your finger you’ll be reminded how awesome you are. I mean, that should also happen whenever you look in the mirror as well, but JUST in case you ever forget, here’s a piece of jewelry to serve as a reminder.

“Me” heart signet ring, $21.08 

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Product images via Me and Zena.

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