Why the friendship between Luna and Ginny is the best thing ever

Any fan of Harry Potter knows the series is no stranger to strong female characters (Hermione, McGonagall, I’m looking at you), but what sets it apart from other noteworthy examples of girls kicking major behind is that female friendship is made a top priority. Now, if you’re shaking your head and thinking, “No, it’s not. Hermione’s best friends are two guys,” then hear me out: Two of the best friends (and, in my opinion, most sadly underrated characters) in the magical series are Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley. And these girls are examples of major #FemaleFriendshipGoals because they have each other’s backs until the very end. What makes Luna and Ginny such a great friendship match? Well, both ladies are fantastic people in their own right.

Luna never lets her friends question her loyalty. If you are friends with Luna, she will make sure you know it. Her grace in handling problems makes her the perfect person to go to for advice. Ginny, on the other hand, will stand up for you no matter what. No one is safe if they talk bad about you when you’ve got the youngest Weasley on your side. And so, Linny is born. Two intelligent, strong, independent women standing up for one another.

That’s all well and good, but WHY is their awesome friendship so important?

They have the best girl talk.

The great thing about Luna and Ginny is that their conversations center on important, insightful topics. It’s rare that two female characters are shown discussing the difficulties in life instead of which football (or, in this case, Quidditch) player has the cutest dimples. Linny’s diverse range of conversation topics shows that women don’t exclusively talk about men. Not once in either the books or the movies do Luna and Ginny have a conversation about boys. Not a single time. Their conversations entail more complex issues, including — but not limited to — the well-being of their family and friends, the state of the Ministry of Magic, their academics, and their personal interests. They are real friends that actually talk to one another. They take interest in the problems and triumphs of the other, and they provide support.


Nothing is better than characters we can relate to, and girls of today are in dire need of female characters they can see themselves in. Luna and Ginny are about as down to earth as you could get. Even young girls in our Muggle society can find things about them to identify with, without needing a magic wand. Too often, women are made to be rivals for the sake of the girl-on-girl hate cliché that is so popular in young adult entertainment. We need more girls lending a hand to those who need one. Luna and Ginny are those great role models that will always be willing to help those in need.

They follow the girl code (the one that matters). 

Girls looking out for girls is probably one of the biggest rules in girl world and Ginny and Luna DEFINITELY live by that code. Who makes sure Luna has a friend to sit with at dinner? Ginny. Who lets Ginny cry on her shoulder? Luna. They look out for each other and keep each other safe, physically and emotionally. How much more fem-positive could you get?

They prove that girls are just as good as boys.

As if being talented, strong witches wasn’t enough, these ladies were practically the top of their class. In a world ravaged by dark wizards and MIA Defense Against the Dark Arts professors, Linny manage to keep up with their school work. Not only are they excelling in the classroom, but their ability to problem solve in the real world is top notch. Luna reminds Harry in The Order of the Phoenix of thestrals, so they can fly from Hogwarts to the Ministry of Magic to save Sirius Black. On the same trip, Ginny blasts the Department of Mysteries to bits with a wicked Reducto curse, saving the whole crew from sure death.

They empowered each other and everyone else around them.

Most importantly, Luna and Ginny defy everything we know about female friendship in pop culture. They have their flaws, sure, but they don’t see each other as competition. They empower each other with their differences and solve problems even The Chosen One couldn’t answer. Whether it was a trying to find a long-lost diadem or a locating a secret place to hide a potions book, Luna and Ginny could always be counted on for solving a difficult puzzle. Two halves working as a whole, Luna and Ginny brought Harry Potter’s band of misfits together to bring down You-Know-Who, and they do it with the power of female friendship. I think we can all agree that empowering young girls is the greatest magic of all.

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