These cool friendship bracelets light up when your BFF is near

Friendship bracelets just got a whole lot brighter. Literally. Tech startup Gemio is launching a line of customizable light-up friendship bracelets that sync with each other. So now everyone in the whole world will know who your bestie is — or at least everyone in the room who is paying attention.

With Gemio Design Studio, you to create your own bracelet online by choosing the colors, designs and even animations. Then you have the option to choose from hundreds of gems, each “optically engineered to sparkle like a diamond or flicker like a flame” when your bestie is near, according to Gemio’s website.

For example:

If the hundreds of design options are too overwhelming, don’t worry, your decisions won’t be set in stone (well, technically they will be, but you get it). The palette of colors can be changed “on-the-fly” using the MyGemio App and a wireless sync.

The lights on the bracelets then communicate between you and your friends for instant bestie connection. Certain colors will light up depending on who you’re with, the gestures you’re making and the colors you’re wearing. You can set lighttones for your friends by applying them to simple gestures like waving hello, high-fiving (or whatever cool gestures you may be into), which means you can send actual messages in light!

In order to communicate, you’ll need to create signals similar to morse code or pager codes (if you don’t know what pager codes are, talk to someone raised in the ’90s — they’ll fill you in). The charging is done completely wirelessly simply by setting the bracelet in its holder, so you’ll never need to mess around with annoying wires.

Michael Bettua, the CEO of Gemio told Mashable“We designed it for teens because they are trendsetters in both fashion and technology. We focused on what’s important to them: self-expression and connecting with friends.”

Starting at the end of November, you can preorder your Gemio on their website. The wearable technology bracelets will retail between $69 and $99.

Friendship bracelets have certainly come a long way since braiding three pieces of colorful string together, but they still symbolize the same beautiful thing: friendship. And we love that — whether they’re made out of string or gem-optics designs.

(Featured images via Twitter/Gemio)


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