Here’s how you can make the friendship bracelets that Barack Obama and Joe Biden share

Earlier this week, Vice President Joe Biden made us all swoon at his adorableness when he tweeted a picture of his birthday present to the President Obama: matching friendship bracelets. While Barack and Joe have always given us serious friendship goals, this was definitely next level.

While this is great news, the even greater news is that we’ve tracked down the kit Biden used to make the friendship bracelets, so you can make your own at home if you’re feeling a little jealous of the cool friendship between our POTUS and VP.

The kit is from the “It’s So Me” line from Horizon Group USA, and you can find it at your local Target for only $9.99. The “Word Wear” kit (the one Biden used) includes 252 alphabet beads, 300 accent beads, 20 emoji style charms, plus all the other craft gear you’ll need to make awesome friendship bracelets. (We’re not going to lie, we’re especially excited about those emoji charms!)

If this kit looks familiar, it’s probably because it was recently used by President Obama in a voting PSA with BuzzFeed. If you watch the clip, you can see Obama trying several activities that are harder than voting, one of which is making a friendship bracelet.

So grab this adorable kit while you can, and don’t forget to wear your bracelet to the polls in November!

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