This is the dish you should bring to Friendsgiving dinner based on your zodiac sign

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year: Thanksgiving. Really, just the thought of indulging in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner makes us salivate. If you’re not headed home for your turkey dinner, you’re probably invited to a Friendsgiving celebration. Whatever the case, you’re ready to get your sweats on and have yourself a good ol’ tryptophan trip. But what if you’re expected to bring a dish to Friendsgiving this year? With so many delicious options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Never fear: the cosmos are here to help you decide.

When it comes to eating, each zodiac sign is unique and has its own individual preferences and palate. So if you’re stuck on which dish will ultimately wow and win over your family and friends, leave it to astrology to help you out. However, just beware that the stars can’t prevent you from burning the food. That’s all you.

Here’s the dish you should bring to Friendsgiving dinner, according to your zodiac sign.


You like to lead, Aries. You’re also one for bold flavors because, let’s be real, you like being the center of attention. You want to stand out and demand people know who you are. So it’s no wonder you’ll want to bring the star dish: the turkey (or tofurkey).


You’re a creature of habit, Taurus, and, boy, do you love your comfort food. And if it’s warm, creamy, and buttery? Even better for the sensualist you are. You definitely should make your amazing mashed potatoes.


You like to change it up, Gemini. You prefer to keep people on their toes, and since you’re a twin, you like to give people a taste of something both salty and sweet. Naturally, you’re cooking up sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows.


You’re old-fashioned, Cancer. You enjoy traditions, like always including dessert at the end of a meal. Since you also love to bake, you’re bringing the pumpkin pie.


You’re the queen, Leo. You’re flamboyant, regal, and everyone just adores you. You don’t want to be the boring turkey; you want to be the audacious dish that everyone secretly enjoys more. Yup, you’re stealing the show with macaroni and cheese.


You’re the health nut of the zodiac, Virgo. While you don’t mind indulging once in a while, you do believe everything should be in moderation. Which is why you’re the person who loves to remind everyone to eat their veggies, like Brussels sprouts.


You’re all about presentation and being fair, Libra. You like to keep things balanced and harmonious, so it’s no wonder you’re offering up a green bean casserole, the perfect mix of healthy and comfort food.


You’re as intense as they come, Scorpio, so you’re all about strong, sensual, and pure flavors and aromas. You’re definitely the one to bring the tart yet addictive cranberries.


As the adventurer of the zodiac, Sag, you don’t mind eating something that differs from the status quo. Since you also love whole and fresh foods, you’ll want to bring the butternut squash.


You’re practical and dependable, Capricorn, which is exactly how you like your Thanksgiving dinner. You also have a taste for foods that remind you of your childhood, so you’re all about the stuffing.


You’re a minimalist when it comes to food, Aquarius. As you do in life, you like to keep your meals simple yet unique—and even a little bohemian. You’re a quinoa casserole kind of person.


You’re a sweet and thoughtful person, Pisces. You long for happy endings and you would prefer everyone to feel good. And what makes people feel good that’s also a happy ending? Dessert. Thanks to your sweet tooth, you’re bringing the pecan pie.

Are you hungry yet? Us, too. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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