How Well Do You Know Friends? Take the Ultimate Friends Quiz to Find Out

Channel your inner competitive Monica Gellar, but just don't bet the apartment you'll get 100%.

The final episode of Friends premiered 17 years ago today, May 6th, 2004. And while that makes us feel older than Richard Burke when Chandler and Joey compare him to their dads, it’s also a good opportunity to take a walk down television memory lane. We’re personally never tired of watching old Friends episodes, just like how Ross will never put the whole “We were on a break!” thing to rest. So, in honor of the 17th anniversary of the beloved show’s finale, we’re putting our Friends trivia knowledge to the test with the ultimate Friends quiz.

Maybe you’ve seen the entire Friends series start to finish, but do you remember the smallest details like Rachel’s botched English trifle recipe or the name of Phoebe‘s gay ice dancer husband? (Yes, she was married before Mike, aka Paul Rudd.) While we anxiously await the highly-anticipated Friends reunion, we’re brushing up on our knowledge. Just remember—don’t get cocky and bet your apartment that you’ll get every question right. We didn’t make this easy enough for Joey to do well.

This quiz has now ended.
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