This “Friends” theory suggests that the show is actually an elaborate set up for Starbucks, and huh?

We know that the internet loves a fan theory, but this latest one about how Friends was actually a set up for Starbucks has us scratching our heads.

There are so many fan theories floating around about the popular and beloved sitcom Friends. Some of them, like this now-debunked theory about how Phoebe Buffay was actually a meth addict (!) and this Ross theory, are dark and intense, while others are more fun, like the ones that link the Central Perk six to some of our other fave shows such, like Gilmore Girls. There’s even some evidence to link Friends to Home Alone.

However, this latest fan theory that ties Friends the the current ubiquity of Starbucks is actually wild.

Twitter user Alex Baker originally shared his theory on Facebook, before deigning to let the rest of the world know just how this ’90s sitcom could have caused the proliferation of the biggest coffee shop chain in the world.

“Wouldn’t it be mad, if we found out that Friends (as in ‘THE WHOLE TV SERIES’) was just an elaborate stage-setter for Starbucks?” Baker postured. “An elaborate, meticulously-planned priming exercise to manipulate human behaviour, getting them away from pubs (Cheers) and into coffee shops (Friends).”

Continuing, Baker went on to say that he was going to revisit all 10 seasons of Friends in a bid to prove his theory.

Firstly, however, he put his case forward.

“Let’s start here,” he wrote. “Rachel’s surname is ‘Green’— the main color of Starbucks’ logo. Coincidence? Compare Rachel’s hair to the Starbuck’s logo? Look similar? (SEE IMAGES.) I think so.”

Adding to that, he wrote: “What is one of the hallmarks of a visit to Starbucks? They yell your name when your coffee is ready, right? Well, did you know that the name ‘Geller’ as in ‘Ross and Monica Geller’ is derived from the German word ‘Gellen,’ meaning ‘One Who Yells’!! (Seriously.)”

He then tied it all into his previous mention about Cheers. Essentially, he argued, one of the main characters of Cheers, Frasier Crane, leaves Boston, where the show is set, and moves to Seattle…the home of Starbucks.

Finally, Baker notes that Starbucks takes its name from Starbuck, a character in the classic novel Moby Dick. This, somehow, ties all the way back into Friends

“Chapter 119 of Moby Dick is called ‘The Candles.’ Do you think that it’s just a coincidence then that the frankly obscure name ‘Chandler’…is actually the occupational name given by the British to someone who makes and sells…yep, you guessed it…CANDLES!!!”

See Alex Baker’s full theory below.

Okay, so while we’re not 100% convinced about this (could Friends have just helped Starbucks because its main characters spent most of their time in a coffee shop?), we’re impressed with Baker’s thought process. It’s very The Da Vinci Code, and we’re into it.

And it has us totally craving an iced coffee…

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