You know what would make the ‘Friends’ theme even better? Puppies!

What could be better than the original Friends intro? Parodies of the Friends intro made painstakingly shot-for-shot. Fans have been creating clever pop culture mashups using the show’s famous “I’ll Be There For You” theme song for years. There’s just something about that friendly jingle and its clap-clap-clap-clap that makes people want to remix it with everything: The Avengers, Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory you name it.

However, none of these parodies can compare to the cuddly intro that surfaced on the Internet this week: Puppies. In a video that has since gone viral, BuzzFeed BFF rounded up a handful of adorable pups and recreated the Friends opener. Using a kiddie pool instead of a fountain and a doggy bed in lieu of the beloved orange couch, the video recreates the intro shot-for-shot, even “puppyfying” each of the character’s names (Jenni-fur Aniston, Lisa Chew-drow, etc.).

Matthew Perry is not given a puppy name or puppy doppelganger for some reason, instead appearing in the video in his human form, but that only makes the video better because that totally would happen to Chandler.

All of the puppies in the video belong to Pet Rescue NY and are looking for homes, so if you’ve ever wanted to own a puppy version of Matt LeBlanc, now’s your chance. You must watch the video. You must, must watch the video.

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[Image via Tumblr and video]