Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox Are Helping You Register Your Friends to Vote

Because, "Friends don't let friends skip elections."

The leading ladies of Friends are inspiring for many reasons: they’ve kept close for all these years, they all still have great hair, and they’re advocating for civic engagement. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow all joined a nonpartisan voting movement called I am a Voter to help get people registered and out to vote for the presidential election (which, BTW, is now less than 100 days away). Each of the three Friends stars posted about the movement on Sunday, the first official “Register a Friend Day.”

The campaign had a very fitting tagline for this group of ’90s-sitcom besties: “Friends don’t let friends skip elections.” Kudrow shared a picture with herself, Cox, and Aniston, with this tagline in the caption and some easy instructions for checking your registration status.

Text FRIENDS to 26797 to make sure you are registered, Kudrow wrote.

She also asked followers to tag their friends in the comments to encourage them to do the same. Cox followed suit with the same call-to-action in her caption, sharing a video where Aniston appears to be whispering the campaign tagline in her ear.

Aniston opted for Instagram versus an in-feed post, but her self-made meme is so good that we can’t be mad. On Sunday, she shared a throwback picture of herself from a Friends episode where she looks shocked (in one of her best ’90s outfits, we might add) along with the words “WHEN YOU REALIZE THERE ARE ONLY 100 DAYS UNTIL ELECTION DAY.”

jennifer aniston friends meme

Then, in her next story slide, she shared I am a Voter’s post about registering to vote.

jennifer aniston register to vote post

For someone who just joined Instagram late last year, we have to say, Aniston is really getting the hang of this. Head to to check your voter registration status, get registered to vote, and sign up for election reminders.

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