How this “Friends” star found out she was the only one who had to audition

We have less than a week before the sort-of-kind-of Friends reunion airing on NBC on Sunday, and we couldn’t be more excited. The sit-down conversation about the most iconic of sitcoms, which has already been pre-taped, took place during a tribute to director James Burrows, and is guaranteed to give us all kinds of insider info. And as it turns out, we’re not the only ones to learn some new information.

In a clip from the show, Lisa Kudrow learns that she was the only one to audition for Burrows himself. After sharing that the legendary TV director had assigned everyone characters from past shows to help them channel their roles (Monica was Mary Tyler Moore and Phoebe was Reverend Jim of Taxi, naturally), Lisa asks who else had to audition for Burrows himself.


“I went in and met with Jimmy before,” David Schwimmer responds, but Lisa isn’t having any of it.

“That’s not auditioning,” she says.

Check out the clip here, and get ready for all the Friends memories on Sunday!

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