Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow All Watched the Emmys Together

The 'Friends' trio joked they've "been roommates since 1994."

The Friends reunion we’ve all been asking for just happened at the 2020 Emmys—well, kind of. After extinguishing a literal dumpster fire onstage alongside Jimmy Kimmel in the show opener, Jennifer Aniston connected with the host again via livestream from her home (in a glam pink robe). After a few seconds, Courteney Cox popped her head into frame and said, “Hi Jimmy!”

When Kimmel acted surprised to see Cox there with Aniston, she said, “Of course I’m here, we live together.” Aniston chimed in to back up her on-screen bestie saying, “Yeah, we’ve been roommates since 1994” (when the first season of Friends aired).

Of course, the bit wouldn’t be complete without Phoebe to round out the trio of leading ladies. So, Lisa Kudrow popped in and asserted that she, too, lived there with her on- and off-screen friends. And while it wouldn’t be a true reunion without Chandler, Ross, and Joey, to join the gang, sadly, the men of Friends didn’t show up. To fill the roles, the Emmys instead gave us… Jason Bateman? Aniston joked that the actor was living at the house with the rest of them “just until he goes off to college.”

Unfortunately, the women of Friends left the Emmys screen abruptly when Cox told the others—in the spirit of Monica—that dinner was ready. And although this isn’t the exact reunion we’ve been asking for (we have our fingers crossed for the HBO Max reunion to happen post-pandemic), our hearts our warm thinking about the actors all hanging out together.

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