Here’s one thing you never noticed about Monica’s apartment on “Friends”

We need to talk about something on Friends. Specifically, Monica’s kitchen window.

“What’s so peculiar about Monica’s kitchen window?” You ask yourself, and to that I say: everything.


This window in question is directly above her kitchen sink. It’s not a great view, since it directly faces the outside of the building.

Or, actually, maybe it IS a great view, because what’s outside continuously changes, and we’re just supposed to believe that type-A Monica never picked up on this.


Not only does the brick wall of the building they’re living in disappear and then reappear — often, within the same scene — what can be seen outside the window is on some rotating schedule. Is Monica’s apartment actually located in some bewitched NYC apartment-like Bermuda Triangle?


Sometimes, there’s a BUNCH of stuff outside the window, like another apartment’s window, the balcony of an apartment one floor up, and a clothes line. But just like the view outside, these three things come and go as they please, like Joey running between the apartments looking for food.

Also, let’s just acknowledge the fact that the balcony most certainly moves up and down about two feet from episode to episode.


Then one episode, there will be nothing outside the window.


Other times, there’s literally nothing, because it’s been replaced by this strange black and possibly wooden wall.


And this appears to be a slab of wood outside the window. How and why it’s there, WHO KNOWS?


And, oh gosh, hate to even bring this up, but the view from the window in the pilot episode is DRASTICALLY different from the series finale. The pilot shows that Monica’s got a cityscape view. The finale does… not.


So come on, Monica’s Apartment, what gives?

Let’s acknowledge that Friends is a fictional show set in a fictional world, and this is all television magic. Whoever was in charge of dressing Monica’s view probably didn’t keep close tabs on what was going on outside. This was also like, 1994 and no one probably thought that one day, millions of people all around the world would be able to watch all 236 episodes of Friends on their smart phones and pick apart absolutely everything.

But that’s the world we live in right now, and we’re totally on to you, Window.

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