We all totally missed this “Friends” moment where Joey gets the giggles

Now that Friends is streaming on Netflix, we get the chance to see one of the greatest sitcoms ever made over and over again. And (even though, of course, we already saw like every episode), we’re still discovering more magical moments from the show that changed history.

Like that one episode when Matt Leblanc (aka Joey) breaks character. The official title was, “The One With the Worst Best Man Ever” but after catching this little clip, it should be renamed “The One Where Joey Tries to Hide A Laugh but We Caught It and It’s Amazing.”

Don’t remember that episode? Here’s a refresher. Ross chooses Joey to be his best man, he throws a bachelor party where there’s a stripper and suddenly Ross’ family heirloom wedding ring goes missing. Convinced the stripper stole it, they bring her back and Ross confronts her. Then, and this is likely the part you missed, Joey (or Matt LeBlanc, really, since he’s wonderfully broken character) tries to hide his giggling behind Ross. Behold:

Now that you’ve seen it, you’re probably wondering how you could have ever missed such a spectacular moment before. Well, to be fair, it’d be easy. There’s so much happening in this episode, you were probably cracking up yourself at the goofiness of serious Ross confronting a shocked stripper. Besides, the duck ended up being the culprit so you may have been trying to piece together the whodunnit mystery yourself, and overlooked this little gem of television history.

But now that we’ve seen it, we’ll always see it. And will be happily looking for many more hidden moments of pure joy that make our life complete.


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