This “Friends”-inspired Thanksgiving sandwich looks mouthwateringly good

The classic Friends holiday episode where Ross gets totally forlorn because somebody ate his Thanksgiving sandwich is one of the funniest TV moments ever. Seeing Ross Gellar distraught due to his lost Thanksgiving sandwich is very relatable and extremely entertaining.

The situation in the episode gets solved thanks to Monica’s willingness to give up her own delicious sandwich.

ICYMI, here’s a reminder of the epic moment.

Now, thanks to the brilliance of YouTube user Andrew Rae, we can all create our own holiday snack without worrying about someone else eating it.

On his popular program, “Binging with Babish,” Rae lays out the step-by-step process of creating the ~perfect~ Thanksgiving sandwich.

To be fair, this undertaking is actually pretty complicated since it basically requires creating your own Thanksgiving feast. But Rae makes it look easy in his helpful video.

Of course, no Thanksgiving sandwich would be complete without “the moistmaker,” as Ross called it.

If you’re not willing (or talented enough in the kitchen) to create a small Thanksgiving feast on your own, you can always wait for leftovers to make this sandwich.

If you do end up making this and bravely taking it to work, just don’t make the same Ross did and think that a simple note will keep it from getting eaten. These sandwiches are in high-demand, so be sure to guard your tasty treasure!

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