The “Friends from College” trailer is TOO REAL for anyone still close with their friends from college

Just when we thought we finally had our lives back after binging on Orange Is The New Black, Netflix has put out a second trailer for the brand new, ultra-relatable series, Friends from College. Why do you keep doing this to us, Netflix? We were finally starting to catch up on our actual IRL responsibilities (total bummer, right?).

The series is created by Nick Stoller, the guy behind such gems as Neighbors, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Get Him to the Greek, so we already know it’s going to be our total fav without seeing more than a three-minute trailer. It also stars Keegan-Michael Key, one of the funny guys from Key & Peele, and Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your MotherCould it be any more of a match made in heaven?

The show is a total powerhouse of stars, what we’re most excited about is that itseems to totally get us.

It centers on a group of friends who went to Harvard and are now on the cusp of turning 40. Let’s get real: Keeping in touch with our college friends is pretty much a constant reminder that everyone around us is growing up fast. We’re no longer in that weird spot where we can call normal things —  like filling out paperwork and paying our bills on time —  “adulting” because it’s actually just “living” (the horror!). Honestly, if we had a dollar for every day we see a Facebook friend either popping out a baby or getting hitched, we’d probably be able to quit those desk jobs we swore we’d never settle into.

Friends from College seems to embrace all of those kinds of fumbles you face when you’re at that age where settling down is inevitable and the internet makes you feel like everyone else you graduated college with is Zuckerberg-level successful. We feel you, Netflix. We feel you.

Friends from College debuts on Netflix on July 14th.

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