How did we not know that the iconic Friends fountain is in Hocus Pocus?

Um…we feel utterly duped. However, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Did you guys know that the iconic Friends fountain made a cameo in Hocus Pocus? Because we certainly didn’t, and now we feel wronged because we must have watched each of these pieces of art a hundred million times. But it turns out, we aren’t the only ones who never noticed this bizarre ’90s crossover.

In fact, the entire internet is ablaze with people realizing that the fountains are one and the same. It’s not just that the Friends fountain and the Hocus Pocus fountain happen to look alike. If you look closely, the buildings in the background behind said fountains are also the same, thus proving that both projects used the same fountain (located on the Warner Brothers lot in Los Angeles, California). How did we not notice this?!

And actually, because Hocus Pocus was filmed in 1993 and Friends didn’t premiere until 1994, we should refer to said fountain as the Hocus Pocus fountain from here on out.

It’s so obvious. How did we never notice?

And if the fountains are the same, then that means that neither project was filmed in the location where they supposedly took place. The Friends opening credits weren’t filmed in New York, and Hocus Pocus wasn’t entirely filmed in Salem, Massachusetts. false

We suppose this is what they call ~movie magic~.

We need a minute to recuperate after being exposed to such a rattling “fun fact.” Needless to say, we’ll never see that fountain the same way ever again.

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