This guy is the biggest ‘Friends’ fan we’ve ever met. We salute him.

As a true Friends fan, maybe at some point in your life you walked into a hairdresser and asked for “The Rachel.” Maybe you simply put a Magna Doodle on your front door. Maybe you’ve just figured out how to get out of tense arguments by yelling, “WE WERE ON A BREAK.”

Sure, we’ve done it all, because we’re all Friends fans. But we pale in comparison to Du Xin—the guy who’s living every day of his life as a Friends episode.

Du, who appears on the series Obsessed, was going through a rough patch following a bad breakup, and a friend of his suggested he watch Friends. Du didn’t just love it, he became, well, obsessed with the show’s awesome portrayal of love and friendship. Now, Du likes to go by the name “Gunther.” Not only that, but when he realized there wasn’t any place like Central Perk he could visit, he opened up his own Central Perk in China, where he lives. He’s even got his own Smelly Cat.

His homages to Friends don’t stop there. His wife’s name is Rachel (now thats a crazy coincidence) and his son’s name in English translates to Joey. Li’l Joey can say “how you doin’?” His apartment is decorated just like Joey and Chandler’s, complete with an entertainment unit that’s just a little too big for the space and VHS copies of (what else?) Baywatch.

Du’s reason for living this way is simple: Friends makes him happy. “For me, I’m living Friends, of course, I’m happy every day,” he explains. “We all want to live in this dream.”

And he’s totally right. We do want to live this dream. We think it’s pretty awesome that Du is going for it and we also give him props for being the biggest Friends fan alive. There’s a lot of competition, you know.

You can check out an inside look at his Friends lifestyle below, and Du, if you ever need us, we’ll be there for you.

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