The one “Friends” episode David Schwimmer will never forget

Everyone has a favorite Friends episode. Mine is The One Where No One’s Ready, because it takes place in real time and all of the friends are equally involved in the evening’s shenanigans. But have you ever wondered what the actors’ favorite episodes are? Glamour recently asked David Schwimmer, and he mentioned a really good one.


“I don’t know if I’d say it was my absolute favorite episode, but I loved doing ‘The One With the Blackout,’” David told Glamour. “That was a memorable one, but [honestly], there are so many.”

You know the episode: Ross gets candid about his crush on Rachel, but Joey deems him the Mayor of the Friend Zone because he waited too long to make a move. When Ross finally tries to express his feelings, a cat attacks him before he can get it out. The gang proceeds to sing “Top of the World” by the Carpenters while Ross unknowingly battles with the cat on the balcony in the background. Before he can save face, Rachel ends up with Paolo.


The episode is apparently a cast favorite. Matthew Perry recently mentioned on The Graham Norton Show that during its filming, he could tell the show was going to be a hit. “There was one episode where there was a blackout in New York City, and I was stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre,” he said. “That episode really made me think that we were doing something special. I could see the others in the apartment, and the audience was really laughing, and it just felt like the right thing.”

David also gives an honorable mention to another episode, because sometimes choosing just one favorite impossible. “’The One With the Holiday Armadillo’ was fun! I mean, it was really fun,” he continued. “I hope to one day show my daughter that episode.”

Don’t worry, David—we’re sure the second little Cleo is old enough to appreciate the humor of ’90s sitcoms, she’ll binge watch all 10 seasons and start quoting Ross’s best lines back to you.

(Images via NBC.)

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