One of Ross’s T-shirts on Friends had the sneakiest Easter egg, and fans couldn’t BE any more surprised

There are some TV shows that we’ll never get sick of watching—no matter how many times we’ve seen them before. Friends is definitely one of those shows. Whether you’ve heard Ross Geller yell “pivot” two times or 20 times, there are still some small details that slip through the cracks. And recently, a Friends fan noticed an Easter egg on one of Ross’s shirts that we, too, totally overlooked.

Reddit user moodparkour recently pointed out that in Season 8, Episode 17, “The One With the Tea Leaves,” Ross wears a gray shirt that has an American Sign Language (ASL) sign written on it. But not just any sign. Ross’s T-shirt actually says “friend.” Could we be any more surprised? Other Redditors were equally impressed with the observation. One commented: “That’s pretty cool, and actually something new I haven’t heard about the show.”

Of course, Friends fans who know ASL probably knew the shirt’s meaning the whole time. A look-alike shirt is also available for sale on RedBubble, so some people definitely noticed this Easter egg. Still, it makes for a cool revelation for those of us who missed it.

For reference, here’s what the shirt looked like in the episode.


It’s also worth noting that, in ASL, the sign for “friend” involves crossing the index finger of one hand over the index finger of your other hand. Ross’s shirt doesn’t capture the full gesture, but it’s still pretty cool.

Here’s how it’s really done:

It’s always fun to learn new details about one of our favorite shows. We’re filing this away in our ever-growing list of Friends trivia.

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